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“Khouf” Fourteen Hills 2023

“Dear U.S.” The Hiram Poetry Review 2021

"Psalm 47" PRISM Magazine 2022

“Teckle” West Branch 2021

"Dear Diary,” “Dear Europe” The Oakland Review 2021

“Assal Eswed” Sycamore Review 2021

“Dear Diary,” “Ya Besha” Collateral 2020

“Dear Diary” Lucky Jefferson 2020

“Dear Diary,” “Dear Diary,” “Vespers, “Private Prayer” Interim 2020

“Markings,” “Bes” New American Writing 2020

“Harram” Metonym 2018

 “Ya Kharabi” Left Hooks Magazine 2018

“Zeal”, “Palm Sunday 2016,” “Kelam Arabi,” Dragon Poet Review 2018

 “Hapi” Mantra Review 2018

“Bakhour,” “The Fairest Faith,” “Top Shelf” “Ednin” Anomaly Press 2018

“Koulo,” “Dear Gidu” The Paragon Press 2018

“Inland Empire” Fearsome Critters 2018

“Foreplay” The Bookends Review 2018

“Khanzir” Rue Scribe 2018

“Mumti” HCE Review 2018

 “Harram” Waccamaw 2017

“Kemet” Welter 2017

“Saleem” Gulf Coast 2023

“Classic” / “Cut The White Line”, Cargo Collective 2015

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